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Is 5G really better than 4G?

IS 5G BETTER THAN 4G IN EVERY PERSPECTIVE?In the digital era, a lot of people pursue faster speed and lower latency to satisfy their desire of time. However, is 5G a panacea for our lives? More importantly, is it helpful in every perspective of our lives?

OUR DEVICES CAN NOT HANDLE 5G SUITABLYOur electronic devices like smartphones and personal computers(PC) are not updated in normal situations. If our device still has not been damaged, we will not buy a new and updated device to replace the old one. Therefore the feature of 5G which treats old devices is not so kind will be a big obstacle when we want to enter the new generation of 5G

1.POWER CONSUMPTION IS A BIG PRESSUREWhen it comes to cellular devices connected to 5G, it seems the batteries are not able to operate for a significant period of time. The battery technology needs to advance to allow for this enhanced connectivity, where a single charge will power a cellphone for a full day. Alongside depleted batteries, users are reporting that cellphones are getting increasingly hot when operating on 5G. 


2.UPLOAD SPEEDS DON’T MATCH DOWNLOAD SPEEDS The download speeds of 5G technology are incredibly high, in some cases up to 1.9Gbps. However, the upload speeds are rarely more than 100Mbps, which is not quite as incredible as initially touted. In relation to existing mobile connectivity, however, the upload speeds are higher than being seen with 4G LTE.

CONCLUSIONAll of all, when we are enjoying the advantages of 5G, we still can not ignore the undercurrents of 5G.

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