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Your best log managment and archival solution 

Our log management system is a secure and scalable solution for SMEs that need to manage their log data and meet compliance requirements. Our experts will perform regular checks kup using the logs. Our system provides the tools you need to manage your log data effectively, while also helping you to understand and mitigate cyber threats. By investing in, you can save time and money on log management, meet your compliance obligations, and focus on growing your business.

Problems that we solved


Hacking Investigation

Once a hacking event occurs, there are difficult to get the sources of attack. Logs provide a very accurate picture of the attack, with robust historical log data, allows you to quickly retrieve, analyse, and visualise log data in context, further easing the incident response process.


Save time and money

Archiving your network logs into an uncodified central database can save you money on storage costs and reduce the need for costly manual record-keeping.


Works like the black box in an aircraft

Knowing your network provides a huge advantage in Cyber Crime. With centralised log data, you can  visualise a high-level overview of how your network is performing. Storing your logs means keeping an eye on your network.


Insider Attack

Setting up logging of the data across entire environment and retaining those logs are critical for incident detection and response. It helps to effectively analyse log data and produce insights which help investigate internal attack and further easing the incident response process.


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SME cybersecurity

How StormEye works - For Daily records

Systems and/or devices in the entire environment generate log messages (or audit records, audit trails, event logs, etc.), then send all those logs to Agent, and finally direct to STORMEYE for storage as well as retaining.


Systems and/or devices

Daily activities of users, such as errors or information on current operations become logs.


Event logs

Logs record events execution trace of system and network.

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A program that is installed in devices sends those logs to StormEye.

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StormEye stores all the logs from different devices in one place and makes them available for further action.

Investigate suspicious activities

When Investigate Suspicious activities

 Why is it important ?
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  • Logging is not equal to detecting 

  • Not aim to prevent or stop an attack while it is happening

  • Aim to record and observer

  • Reduce the cost of incident investigating

  • Speed up the system patching process after an attack 

  • Minimise loss

Got noticed

A suspicious alert received from staff/ firewall etc

Visit StormEye web portal

Go to StormEye web portal to search and select related log records 

Understand what happened

“Ask AI” helps to give a summary of those log records. This process enables you to identify false alerts and save valuable time of security experts

Gather information

Export a summary of the issue. This could be the evidence for insurance claims and help draft reports to regulatory department

Get professional helps

Analyse the results and establish further strategies or actions. The log summary and the "Ask AI" provide a clear picture of the incidents which helps speed up the cybersecurity incident investigations and recommendations process. StormEye provides incident response service, Click here to know more.






ChatGPT powered

With an AI-powered log archival system, the analysis process can be streamlined and made more efficient. Rather than relying on manual review and analysis of log data, the system can use machine learning algorithms to automatically identify patterns and anomalies in employee activity.

More accurate and comprehensive

Use natural language processing

StormEye's AI-powered system can be used to analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Human analysts may take hours or even days to sift through logs and identify potential red flags, but an AI algorithm can do it in a matter of minutes. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human error, which can be a factor in missing important details.

StormEye helps identify patterns in employee activity that could indicate potential misbehaviour. This can be done by analyzing log data to look for unusual access patterns, such as an employee accessing sensitive data at unusual times or from unusual locations. Our AI system concludes with natural language which management can easily understand.

Start logging with StormEye today

Why Start with us

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Meet compliance requirements

Many regulatory require that organisations to collect log data, store it and protect it against threats while having it available for audit. A network log archival system can help you meet these requirements.

Ensure integrity

By archiving network logs, a comprehensive record of all activity on the network will be completed. Without deeper visibility into the system with log monitoring place, threats can go undetected and may result in data breaches or other security incidents.

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Simplify incident response

Logs are one of the key sources of data for detecting security breaches and predicting threats. It can monitor across systems to detect particular log events and patterns in log data and quickly identify and eliminate problems.

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