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What is XaaS?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Introduction of XaaS

XaaS refers to Everything-as-a-service or sometimes calls Anything-as-a-service which is a cloud computing term. It implies providing huge products, tools and technologies through the Internet to users. XaaS is paid in a flexible consumption way, without pre-purchase and pre-authorization before use. Nowadays, there are many IT resources or services are provided in this way in our societies.

Generally, XaaS is divided into 3 categories:

  • Software as a service (SaaS): Users can use cloud-based applications by connecting to the Internet

  • Platform as a service (PaaS): A cloud computing model where a third-party provider delivers hardware and software tools for application development to users over the internet, users have to pay on a per-use basis

  • Logging as a Service (LaaS): A cloud computing service that pays on a per-use basis that provides basic computing, storage and network resources based on users’ needs

Is XaaS really good?

To a certain extent, XaaS is beneficial to small and medium-sized enterprises. Those enterprises can reduce costs by purchasing services from suppliers through subscriptions and per-use basis. Besides, multi-tenant is used in cloud services, its flexibility can provide users with rapid and flexible support. Enterprises can use new applications or solutions in response to market conditions, and add or reduce services when needed.

Notwithstanding, some potential disadvantages exist in XaaS, such as downtime risk. The problem may cause by Internet reliability, resilience, resource allocation, and management of infrastructure resources when it is used. When the server encounters a failure, users cannot use them. There are also some performance problems. If too many customers use the same resources at the same time, the system may be overloaded and become slow. Therefore, if users want to use XaaS, they must first consider its performance.

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