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What is Cobit 5? Why is it important for companies?

What is Cobit 5?

Cobit 5

How do this framework works? Basically, this framework is business focused and it defines the processes of the IT management. Because of it, Cobit 5 can help companies which are looking develop, improve IT governance and information management. Besides, there are multiple benefits for companies to achieve the success of the framework. Cobit 5 can help companies achieve strategic goals and realize the business benefits. Also, it helps in increasing the sensibility of IT processes.

Who will use Cobit 5 in nowadays? In recent years, both government and private sector organizations will use Cobit. They will join the Cobit Certification Course to try covering the principles and enablers that from the Cobit 5 business framework.

To sum up, is Cobit 5 useful? In my personal POV, Cobit 5 is very useful for either government or organizations in area of business, but it is not quite useful as much for normal people.

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