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UK is updating its Law of cyber attacks

"The UK government will fine companies in "critical industries" up to £17 million if they have woefully inadequate cybersecurity defenses. The penalty system is a response to an EU directive, passed in August 2016, that was drawn up to ensure its member states are prepared for modern cyber attacks. Known as the NIS directive, it will be transplanted into UK law to protect health, energy, transport and digital infrastructure. The fines will be a "last resort," however, and take into account how co-operative the company has been with their relevant regulator, the actions taken to remedy the situation, and any other law that might have been breached."-engadget 29th, Jan 2018 香港一直在網絡保安的規管上有所落後,對於非敏感行業的上市公司,似乎只有個人資料(私隱)條例所指引。香港會於何時間始注重有關法規?需我們業界繼續推動。但對於中小企,往往是"中招"後才真的會開始注重,新一代的網絡保安威脅並不再會做成可容易察覺的破壞,而是無聲無色進行,中小企在人力資源缺乏的情況下,其實是處於下風。網絡監察是現今性價比較高的網絡保安手段。

31st, Jan 2018 SM Lam

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