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Top 3 VPN reviews! Security? Privacy? Speed?

Top 3 VPN reviews! Security? Privacy? Speed?

VPN is widely used nowadays, people use it to watch Netflix across regions, play games, circumvent the wall, or protect personal data, it proves the importance of VPN services in modern times and their irreplaceable status. VPN is also an assistant to cyber security.

VPN Reviews




Number of servers

Number of connections


72% discount for 2 years plan + 3 months free trial

199.1 MBIT/s

5300+ covering 60 countries



81% discount on 2-year plan

210.61 MBIT/s

3200+ covering 65 countries



65% discount for 1 year plan

184.77 MBIT/s

3000+ covering 94 countries


VPN evaluation results

In terms of price, Surfshark VPN is cheaper than other VPNs, but its discount is not as good as NordVPN. The speed of Surfshark is also the fastest among them, the number of connections is unlimited. It can be said that its CP value is quite high.

NordVPN is the second-fastest among the three VPNs, with the largest number of servers and good discounts. It is also a good choice. ExpressVPN is slightly inferior to the other two VPNs, but compared to other VPNs, such as Hotspot Shield, Ivacy VPN, and other VPNs, its performance is also acceptable. Therefore, users can choose VPN according to their own needs. If you want fast speed, then Surfshark; if you have more discounts, then NordVPN; if you often go abroad, then ExpressVPN.

Is it safe to use a VPN?

The answer is no. The VPN provider will still have your identity and IP address. your information may still expose to other tech giants, so choosing a trusted and guaranteed VPN provider is also a kind of knowledge! In addition, if you use a VPN to connect to places where people can know your IP address, such as ISP (Internet Service Provider), communication software, your IP address, and your personal information and privacy will also be stolen and known by others easily. Therefore, having a VPN does not mean it is omnipotent, and you will not be discovered by others.

How to use VPN safely?

Using multiple VPNs directly interrupts the ISP's ability to track two IP addresses.

Use "onion" (Tor) to connect anonymously to different servers to hide your IP address.

Basically, is to hide your own IP address to prevent third parties from stealing your own confidential information.

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