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THE THREAT OF CYBER WARFAREHave you heard the Cyber warfare before? In 2021, there were frequent hacking incidents, and the Japanese General Administration was also attacked by hackers. According to Japanese media reports, as many as 200 Japanese companies have been targeted by them. At present, the Japanese police have found the suspect and pointed out that it was launched by a Chinese engineer with the support of the Chinese military background. It is called Cyber Warfare.

cyber warfare

About the definitionAs stated by the Global Information Assurance Certification Paper (2004), Cyber Warfare can be defined as cyber-attacks. In other words, it is a action of a nation-state to infiltrate the computer or network of another country to destroy and disrupt.It exists between country and country. Ideally, it used a computer to attack from anywhere in the worldwide, avoid revealing the assailant to physical injury.

About the problemCyber Warfare can be the war on the internet or known as cyberspace which consists of Cyber-attacks alongside to a nation and communication network as well as cyber-terrorism where they used cyberspace to commit terrorism. They used computers, networks, and any information stored. Usually, cybercrime is faced by many parties and not only effect on individual but also the organization as well as the nation. According to Yunos (2008), the intention of doing a cybercrime is further towards computer-related crimes and to achieve monetary as their attention.

What kinds of cyber weapons are used in warfare?

  1. viruses, phishing, computer worms and malware that can take down critical infrastructure

  2. distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that prevent legitimate users from accessing targeted computer networks or devices

  3. hacking and theft of critical data from institutions, governments and businesses

  4. spyware or cyber espionage that results in the theft of information that compromises national security and stability

  5. ransomware that holds control systems or data hostage

ConclusionAll of all, Cyber warfare is an enormous threat for anyone. We have the responsibility to protect our personal internet.

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