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Suggestion and recommendations of Maladvertisement campaign

As maladvertising content, prove to be so commonplace, is crafted to target specific groups of people, StormEye suggests users

  1. to be vigilant when visiting unfamiliar websites or clicking into advertisements and links sent by their friends and someone unknown.

  2. should not blindly trust the content of every website especially when the content or website itself requires users to share their personal information or payment methods.

StormEye observed that most of the maladvertising contents are hosted under likely compromised websites. Most of these websites appear to be using WordPress as the backend web system. Hackers target WordPress more often since a few years ago, many automated tools and scanners are developed for hackers to compromise websites using WordPress. StormEye suggests webmasters update their web systems more often, especially those third-party plugins or libraries used on the system.


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