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Magazine sharing: Lightweight Cybersecurity

Lightweight cybersecurity

Under the new normality of enterprises, network applications such as human resources management, purchasing, conferencing and customer service system are becoming more popular. At the same time, the challenges of security are becoming more forbidding. Under daily challenges from different ransomware and software vulnerability, and with limited manpower and resources, corporate management always finds powerless for room of improvement. Two leading characters in this column, Lam Wei Yang (Marco) and Wong Wing Hang (Windham), understood the needs of enterprises and founded StormEye. Using innovative and advanced technology to mitigate the inner pressure, StormEye can focus on their development.

Two founders met during their studies and have their career developed separately before foundation of StormEye. Starting as a regional agent in a multinational software company, Marco joined a partnership, after he left the company, to establish an online education platform and won different entrepreneurial awards when his career develops. Windham studied cybersecurity at a famous British university after his graduation in Hong Kong and joined the U.K. leading cyber monitoring center for several years. They both understand the importance of network development in Asia, however, majority of the existing cybersecurity products were generated from western countries, which is difficult to support local business needs. It increases the cost and difficulty of companies to adopt the applications, at the very beginning.

Independent research and development, no shortcuts

With the widespread use of big data and internet, StormEye understands development of integrated cybersecurity monitoring system will become the focus of future network security. While there is no existing application in the market with latest big data handling system, which provides ability to process massive, variable and real-time data, independent research is always the best way to address this issue. The information and event management system developed by StormEye applied a mature data stream processing framework, which was first used to enhance the speed of social media processing, checking and publishing. The application of the framework helps to handle massive data by minimal resources and enhances the possibility of hardware expansion. The self-developed system enables a quicker responses to different customers, minimizing the time and management costs and effective operation management.

Founded in Hong Kong, looking to the world

In Asia, only banking and multinational corporations apply information and event management systems conceptually. With the development of StormEye’s system, it reduces the hardware and human resources requirements of the existing systems in banks and multinational corporations, and also serves for local SMEs to protect their existing networks. Through collecting and analyzing different data from Network Attached Storage (NAS) and anti-virus software, StormEye also assists IT department to understand system weaknesses and handle with invasion. ‘Full systemization makes hacking at no cost, so hackers will not give up just because of the company size.’ One of the founders - Marco, reminds SMEs to pay attention to network security.

Following the implementation of regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union and the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) of Brazil, the two founders foresees the pain point of cybersecurity in Hong Kong and they believed Hong Kong cannot deal with this problem alone. Therefore, in this year, they cooperate with De Groote – De Man law firm, which has strong knowledge of relevant laws in the European Union, and provide legal advice services to Asian clients. They also cooperated with an accounting firm in Malaysia to provide cybersecurity training courses. While providing services, they hope to bring experiences to customers locally and around the world.

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巴西一般資料私隱法 (LGPD) Source:巴西一般資料私隱法-lgpd/

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