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Leaking your Digital Possession in 1 Careless Click

Leaking your Digital Possession in 1 Careless Click IBanking and digital membership identities are on trend. Corporation launched a lot of apps to enhance the conveniences and efficiency to their customers. Providing you with the real-time access to your account. when you access your personal account with your devices. Is there any chance for your information to be exposed to the hackers? It may end with devastate results of steal of funds and identity thieving.

Credential Stuffing Hackers will apply botnet to gain the unauthorized access from the bank clients, including their emails, usernames, and passwords. Then hackers will bombard excessive automated log-in requests to break through the sever and ultimately access to the vital IT infrastructure of bank.

Phishing attack Hackers will send the ‘magic link’ to the victims. For examples, sending emails or texts to congrats them for winning a new iPhone from lucky draw. Tricking the victims to open the hyper link and leading the malware installed directly. To freezing the system as ransomware attack and leaking of their credentials, i.e. credit card information and login passwords. Phishing attack usually results in a ravage, for examples identity leaking and unauthorized purchase in your credit card.

Ransomware attack Hackers will encrypt your data and devices to blackmail you. You will not be able to access your information unless you pay. It may result in the leaking of customers information and the stolen of the data. The retail giant- Dairy Farm(牛奶公司) fell victim to REvil attack in January 2021. REvil blackmailed them for HK$230million. The network and system of Dairy Farm are encrypted, including their customers’ information (yuu). Imagine when it comes to the bank fell victims, how catastrophic will it caused. There are plenty of ways that the hackers can gain access to your digital possession. As the users, we do have the responsibilities to safeguard your informations. Enjoying the benefit of efficiency at the same time to safeguard cybersecurity.

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