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Know more about APT! What is it use for?

What is APT?APT(Advanced Package Tool), is a free-software user interface that works with core libraries to handle the installation and removal of software on Debian, Ubuntu, and related Linux distributions. APT simplifies the process of managing software on Unix-like computer systems by automating the retrieval, configuration and installation of software packages, either from precompiled files or by compiling source code.


Which 2 usages of APT are?


Other meaning for APT APT also stands for Advanced Persistent Threat. An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a stealthy threat actor, typically a nation state or state-sponsored group, which gains unauthorized access to a computer network and remains undetected for an extended period. In recent times, the term may also refer to non-state-sponsored groups conducting large-scale targeted intrusions for specific goals. There are many APT groups all over the world, like China, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Russia, United States, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

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