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Data sales: "I agree"

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

In recent years, privacy has become an issue of concern. No matter you are using an app or applying for a store membership, there will be a fine word stating "Relevant Terms and Conditions Restrictions" at the bottom of the app or website. Have you carefully checked the content?

The "Third Party Sites and Services" under "Relevant Terms and Conditions" of the store members mentioned that "You are at your own risk of using these sites and services. Your information may be reported to the public during downloading or using this program. "Public disclosure" also means that not only one party will know your information, but also the entire industry may know it.

People most likely think they are safe as they have read all the terms and conditions before using the service. However, there is a truth that tells us it is not. A large company (Octopus) was exposed to sell personal data including name, gender, ID number, and also the user's habit of shopping at some merchants. Among them, the personal data of about 2 million customers were transferred to a third party for 44 million dollars.

With the disgusting character of customers, many merchants take the fancy to use smaller fonts or vague meanings to express terms and conditions so that customers can choose to agree in the shortest time.

Therefore, in any case, we must read the terms and conditions clearly, and use network security to monitor our personal information at a suitable time to avoid getting into the hands of illegal merchants. We should keep your personal information as little as possible to reduce the chance of personal information leakage.

Here are some tips to avoid data leakage:

  1. To apply for membership, you should read the instructions and related confidentiality policies in detail before providing personal information, and choose not to provide the information to other merchants to avoid the improper outflow of personal information.

  2. Avoid revealing too much personal information online.

  3. Pay attention to the privacy statements of major companies and only provide your information for reputable companies.

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