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Are Android 12 and iOS 15 worth updating?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology, our mobile phone system such as iOS and Android have been improving their vulnerabilities and optimizing through updates continuously. Indeed, system updates may cause some problems every time. Take phone storage as an example, the system firmware is a large file that takes up a lot of space. It becomes larger after decompressing and also takes up a lot of ROM space. When the system is running, it takes up additional memory. Therefore, it leads to a high risk to the phone for running slow and even crashing.

Besides, the optimization of system functions increases its complexity that brings other problems, like battery drains quickly, software incompatibility and so on. The reason is that after the installation of the new system, the CPU continues to optimize the backstage. Therefore, it bears a high risk of the device’s battery running out in short.

If users intend to update their mobile system, they have to first consider the pros and cons of the updates, and then consider whether the update is necessary and beneficial to them very much.

If users determine to update the system, it is suggested that only update when the system has launched a minor version next time as minor version updates only fix system vulnerabilities and make detailed modifications. It will not involve the bottom part of the system and reduce the need for mobile phones loading.

The following is listing out some new features and updates of Android 12 and iOS 15:

  • Localizable strins for BiometricPrompt

  • Phishing detection in messaging apps (Pixels only)

  • New directory for voice recordings

  • New Media management access

  • Custom activities for app storage access

  • Extended file access support

  • Secure lockscreen notification actions

  • Known signers permission protection flag

  • More Natural FaceTime Calls andshared experiences with SharePlay

  • Tools to find focused, like working and sleeping mode

  • On-Device Intelligence Powers Live Text and Advanced Spotlight Search-A Redesigned -Browsing Experience with Safari

  • Explore the World with Apple Maps

  • New Keys and State IDs in Apple Wallet

  • New Privacy Features

  • Redesigned Weather and Notes Apps

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