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Mewe, is known for protecting personal privacy

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Advantages, First of all, Mewe advertises the protection of personal privacy. It has a privacy bill, which emphasizes that the company protects user's personal data and will not sell it to third parties, so there will be no targeted advertisements, less nuisance, and a simple interface. And it respects portrait rights, promising not to use face recognition technology. Also, Mewe will not save the user's content when the user wants to delete the account. The second advantage is that Mewe gives users more control. It does not use algorithms to limit what users see, while Facebook uses algorithms to determine your intimacy with other users, the type of posts, and other users. Comments on a post determine the exposure rate of the post, and Mewe allows users to choose a time period, and all posts appear in chronological order. Finally, users can choose more emojis to respond to their friends’ posts besides Xinxin, Angry, and Surprised, but each post can only have 4 emojis.

Disadvantages Mewe has a Premium account, and some functions require payment, such as opening a special page, using special stickers and unlimited video calls, which is bad for users and brings inconvenience, but it claims that it will not sell customer information and do it There is no advertisement harassment, and it is reasonable to ask for "class fees", so everyone has to make a decision according to their own needs. In addition, during the registration process of Mewe, the message "An error occurred" popped up many times, and the registration could not be performed quickly, which caused great inconvenience. It can be seen that there is still a lot of room for improvement on the website.

The reasons why few people use it. First, Mewe only had an English version at first, which may have made Hong Kong users feel less familiar, so they continued to use social networking sites with a Chinese version. Although Mewe later launched a Chinese version, the wave of immigrants has disappeared. Secondly, Hong Kong people are used to using Facebook and IG, and they are unwilling to abandon the memories of Facebook and IG for many years. Moreover, Mewe is similar to Facebook and may lack new ideas, so the desire to "immigrate" has decreased. When citizens choose social networking sites, they can take network security into consideration, because protecting personal privacy online is very important.

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